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Our books are currently open. We are particularly interested to hear from new graduates, men of all ages, actors with disabilities and particularly performers from the global majority. Diversity is important to us and we are striving to more accurately reflect the Manchester that we call home.


Joining a co-operative is a wonderful way of gaining insight into the acting industry, as well as taking more control over your career. If you are a recent graduate, or someone who feels their progress has stalled, or even if you are returning to acting after a break, then Circuit provides a welcoming and open environment for you to learn and develop. Not only will you have more say in the kinds of job you go up for but you’ll also be at the forefront of the entire process; from accepting an audition, to being offered a job, negotiating the fee and, finally, signing the contract.


We love enthusiastic and diligent actors who are prepared to fully commit to the co-operative ethos. As well as the actual office duties (roughly 3-5 days every 3 months), this commitment means contributing to decisions about the direction of Circuit, supporting fellow members in their endeavours and using your knowledge or connections to help others in the agency, just as they will for you.


We represent a range of actors at different stages of their careers. We have performers involved in high profile tours, television roles and major advertising campaigns. We also have members who are actively writing, directing and producing work on the Manchester independent scene, as well as acting in it, and often working together on projects too.


If you are looking to apply, please email the following to us at

  • A cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining Circuit

  • Your acting CV

  • A recent headshot

  • Spotlight PIN 

  • Details of any upcoming work we can see you in


Once your application has been considered by the membership, we will let you know if we want to proceed further with it. This will involve members seeing you perform live and then an informal interview. If at any stage of the application process we decide to end our interest, we will always endeavour to explain why and offer constructive feedback.


Please note: We are a Manchester based agency. A North-West base is preferable. Alternatively, a firm and viable commitment to travelling to Manchester to complete office days - as mentioned above, roughly 3-5 days every quarter - can also be acceptable.

All members of Circuit are stakeholders in the Agency. On joining a new member must purchase a £1.00 share. This will be refunded on leaving the agency.


“Co-operative agents in the entertainment sector will often require a stakeholder donation from work-seekers when they join the agency. This donation allows the work-seeker a stake in the co-operative and is returnable if the work-seeker leaves the agency. As such this donation is exempt from the provisions of Regulation 26(2) because it is not a fee for work-finding services and, therefore, such a payment can be requested before any work is found.” (Peter Barnes, CPMA)

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