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Agency Interviews

So, you probably started your search with a million questions….Which agency is right for me?....What on earth is a Co-op agency?....What can they offer me?...What can I offer them?....and on and on into infinity! 

Honestly, the more questions you ask, the better There are a lot of great resources, blogs (like this one!), our dedicated Representation page, podcasts, webinars, and workshops with fantastic advice. Just remember to do your research and make up your own mind on what is right for you. Both with and without an agent, an actor’s life, takes dedication, hard work and sweat. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing ‘Fame-the movie’ there, but it can get surprising warm under those lights!

 So, you’ve got through to Circuits ‘interview’ stage. Job Interviews strike fear in most people. Don’t worry, in Circuit we just want an informal chat to find out who you really are. As we work as a team it’s important that we choose the right cog to fit into our showbusiness machine and keep Circuit and your career thriving. 

We’re not going to ask you to sing and dance in our office, as we believe seeing you on stage, in your showreel or short film clip is much more valuable. Plus, we really understand how awkward it is to perform in front of strangers in a weirdly small space, high kicks and office equipment do not mix well, trust me, we’ve tried it. 

Circuits ‘interview’ is a chance to tell us about You, not just you on a CV. We will ask (amongst other things) –

  • What business skills you have, and are willing to learn? Being an agent requires professionalism, office admin, using industry related computer programmes and the ability to make credible suggestions when submitting members for roles, all of which we try to guide new members through. 

  • Where your home bases are? Circuit has a Manchester office, and a willingness to come in and work ‘Live’ from it, as well as attending OGM and AGM meetings is essential.

  • What do you do yourself to further your career? Networking, industry contacts, workshops, even making your own work is interesting to Circuit, and many of our members create for their own companies. We are always passing on new knowledge to each other, and being agents, we get ‘Behind the scenes’ opportunities to see how the industry works, this gives us all more control over our careers.

  • What is your ‘day’ job, we just need to know how you will fit in your office days and auditions, especially next day castings. Also, it's fascinating to find out how many actors are hiding in plain sight, we have DIY experts, Personal Trainers, Teachers, Bar staff, Dog Walkers and Security Guards to name a few. You never know when those random skills and knowledge might come in useful!

  • Is there any type of acting job or role you don’t want to do, whether it's not advertising a certain Fast Food chain or never working with insects (yep that’s me!), we don’t mind, Circuit would never force an actor to audition for or do a job they were uncomfortable with. We don’t judge, we support.

We always give you a chance to ask us anything, and if you forget at the time, just drop us an email, we’re very friendly. We try to give some form of constructive feedback to everyone who applies, but don’t expect an answer straight away. We work as a

collective, so every member has a chance to voice their opinion first, but we won’t leave you hanging too long, ‘cause we all know how frustrating that is! So, to cut a long story short, ‘Hello, from Circuit!’ We look forward to meeting you.

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